From 28/10/2019 to 22/11/2019

New York City (USA)

The Benelux Catalyst is a 4-week, no-equity collaborative accelerator program in New York City for startups from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg working together to scale and strengthen their business activities in the American market. Working out of the Midtown located Atelier NY, the participating companies will enter a hub of transatlantic innovation, in which networking, founders’ days, and learning sessions will enrich the month they spend hyper-focusing on their businesses’ trajectory under the guidance of founding partners.

Link to the Benelux Catalyst.



Foobot is pioneering cleantech building solutions by producing smart AIpowered HVAC systems for cleaner, more productive office air.


Label R aims to perform ESG due diligence and risk analysis on private equity funds and portfolios so as to promote ethical and sustainable investments.


Flenhealth is revolutionizing the treatment of wounds & burns with their innovative bandage systems to accelerate healing using natural ingredients and robust scientific backing.



NGrave is building a suite of complementary hardware and software products to safeguard blockchain assets and allow you to make investments in crypto with peace of mind.